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Hao Tang

Founder & Advisor

Our luxury travel advisor, Hao Tang, en route to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in First Class Suites for Christmas!

My name is Hao Tang, pronounced like "How" and no, my family did not establish "Tang", the orange beverage for astronauts (although, I wish we did!). My passion for travel reaches back to early childhood. In fact, my first 24+ hrs international trip took place in 1984, I wasn't born yet (my mom was just 3 months pregnant with me). As I began my professional career at a Fortune 500 fashion house, my passion for travel collided with an eye for luxury and I've been sprinting to check off my bucket list in comfort ever since. One of my most prized possession is my passport and its stamps (considering purchasing an insurance policy for it).

Currently residing in the U.S., my wife & I travel as often as we can, as far as we can. Though, we've explored many exciting destinations across the globe, somehow, we always find ourselves back in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Thailand, Tokyo, Bali and Maldives are our favorites). We love its contrast of culture, architecture, history, cuisine and most importantly, the shopping (for my wife). With each return, we uncover new discoveries and horizons. 

My mission is to help clients travel effortlessly in luxury. I want my clients to enjoy the absolute best experience throughout their journey, from the moment they step foot into an airport or picked up by their private chauffeur. 

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