Beach Enclave Villas in Turks and Caicos

I don't write reviews often as I'm just a terrible writer (Don't fault me, English is my second language). You see, I'm sort of a black-sheep amongst my Asian contemporaries. While they were busy with math and Harvard applications, I was playing basketball and trying to win votes for Prom King. Somehow, Jeremy Lin managed to do both well. His parents must love him more than mine loves me.

But, as there's really not much feedback on Beach Enclave Villas, I wanted to throw some quick thoughts together from my recent stay/inspection...

Full disclosure: 

I was invited by my partner at Ultimate Jet Vacations to stay at the Beach Enclave North Shore Villas, which are currently being rented at the moment. In a small tragedy, I lost my memory card with those photos, so I’m actually posting photos of their brand new Long Bay Villas that are just being completed and will welcome guests in November, 2018. I hope, this will still give you an idea of the experience. Beach Enclave also just broke ground in Grace Bay, and its villas will be ready in 2019.

After those dreadful details, I will reward you with a photo...

This swing bed is just off of the main floor guest room and integrated with the exterior terrace and pool.

This swing bed is just off of the main floor guest room and integrated with the exterior terrace and pool.

Check In

We were also visiting the Villas at Shore Club Resort, so Beach Enclave sent a driver to pick us up. The local driver was friendly and polite and offered us cold bottled water for the 10-minute ride to Beach Enclave. 

The Villas are within a private, gated community, and our driver pulled up directly to our villa. We were warmly greeted by our butler with rum punch and cool towels. Overall, our transfer was quick and easy. Our driver and the staff brought our luggage into villa. though I had to personally take it to my room, which was a bit odd. Aside from that, everything else was made for a great welcome process.

Another piece of eye candy...stay with me...



The exquisite rooms are defined by high quality finishes and give a residential feeling that you just can't get at a resort. I didn't believe in love at first sight till we arrived here. Unfortunately, my wife didn't find the statement as amusing as I did and we may or may not be not on speaking terms at the moment.

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We had a butler, as one would expect when staying in a villa. But we all know that "butler" is a very loosely applied designation. At the Shore Club, I saw my butler on arrival and the day of departure but she was impossible to find in-between. Absolutely pointless! She must have been a stud in hide and seek as a child.

However, at Beach Enclave, butler service was executed so much better! Our butler Ann was warm and simply wonderful. Her background in hospitality began in Thailand, which definitely showed in her great service!

Our first order of business was to jump into our pool. Ann ensured that everyone's glass was never more than half empty. No exaggeration. I rarely drink soda at home but on trips, all bets are's like my version of West World indulgence, at least in beverages. I asked for a glass of Coke, and there was none since I didn't pre-stock the pantry and fridge prior to arrival (which I'd strongly recommend). Half an hour later, the fridge was fully stocked with Coke and few other beverage selections. The prompt gesture was much appreciated! 

At one point, Ann noticed some wrinkles in my shirt and asked if she could iron it for me ( Ann for the win!). There were many of these little moments where our butler really took notice of our needs and was pro-active to ensure we expended as little effort as possible. 

Okay, more breathtaking views. Just hang in there.

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No photos to reward you with here, so feel free to skip it...

On our first evening, we decided to use the in-house chef (at an additional fee) to prepare a customized meal. Long story short, it was lovely and great quality. It was so nice to arrive on the first day and be able to, swim, relax, and just have an intimate meal in the villa. This would also be perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday stays. 

A continental breakfast is included ( OJ, coffee/latte/tea, fruits, pastry, smoked salmon, etc.) Your butler will come in the morning and serve it. You can always pay additional fees for something more grand or have the chef to come and prepare breakfast too.


As mentioned above, BE has 3 different locations: North Shore, Long Bay (photos shown here) and Grace Bay (to be completed in 2019) all are within its own private community. The Long Bay and Grace Bay developments will also feature cottages that are next to or attached to various villas as well. I believe this will allow more flexibility to accommodate larger groups or allow individuals within a group who want more privacy the ability to, shack up in the cottage away from others within the villa. 

The North Shore Villas are lovely but they’re starting to show their age a bit: some carpets are worn in, some stains on the white sofa...still great but not as stunning as the new villas, naturally. Most importantly, the beach and water by North Shore have rocks throughout the shallow end of the water, which could be an issue for families with small children. Long Bay has a much better beach in my opinion, but the shallow end does extend far out. If you want to dive into the ocean, you will walk a bit into the ocean before there's a drop-off. This is great for Kite Surfing and just lounging, though. Grace Bay, when finished, will obviously have the best beach of the three properties, but will of course cost more as well. 

There's nothing within walking distance so you will need to taxi to dinner or anything off property. Each villa does come with a golf cart to drive within the community to the gym or morning yoga. 


In conclusion, I was really impressed by the villa experience and think it offers a great value for the right client. If your family enjoys people-watching and walking to multiple dining venues, then this is clearly not the right choice for you. But if you’re looking for privacy and, a more bespoke experience, then I think this is the place for you. Beach Enclave partners with some of the best vendors for private experiences. We took an excursion, booked through Beach Enclave’s partner, Big Blue, that was simply amazing. A fabulous boat with two lovely captains took us to private beaches for snorkeling and diving. The on-board food and beverage presentations were delicious. They are also working to find a kite surfing instructor. The yoga instructor is also fantastic, I'm told...I was too busy walking on the beach in the morning. 

The value here can be fantastic. For example, during low seasons, a 3-5 bedroom villa can range from $2,500-$3,500 per night. You could pay more just for 3-5 standard rooms at a resort for an inferior hard product (and possibly soft product as well). After speaking with the Beach Enclave management, I do think they will be having an attractive promotion for the Long Bay property when it does open in November. I'm working to get final details from them as I write and you read.

My clients do receive additional amenities and promotions. If you're interested in booking Beach Enclave, please feel free to reach out:

Okay, I think I may still have a few photos...

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